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Open source & governance

Begin started out as a cloud infrastructure framework built to help tame the immense complexities associated with managing releases to hundreds of Lambdas, API Gateways, and other serverless services.

That project became known as Architect, which we (Begin) donated to OpenJS (neé JS Foundation) in 2017 under an open governance model and Apache 2 license.


At Begin, we are believers in the power and original promise of the web, and we are deeply committed to open source and open standards.

We endeavor to publish as much of our code as possible (always Apache 2.0), in addition to our knowledge and learnings.

We are also committed to building open, inclusive open source communities. If you like Begin, we'd love for you to participate in our open source, especially Architect! (We kindly ask you agree to the CLA, and JSF and Small Wins, Inc. Codes of Conduct.)

Run your Begin apps yourself

All apps built with Begin are fully compatible with Architect. You can eject your Begin apps at any time and run them yourself, should you want to.

This is something we strongly feel should be easy, as it keeps our interests squarely aligned with those of our customers, while also providing the freedom and flexibility we would ourselves expect as developers.