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About Begin

Begin is a super quick platform for building modern web apps and APIs.

Begin leverages next-gen cloud platform technologies – like globally available serverless infra, SSD-backed databases, and integrated CDNs – to make your building durable, scalable software massively faster.

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Unlike other platforms, with Begin you can create fast, flexible, easily maintainable web applications of all kinds, with full databases, sessions, CI, and local, offline development tools — all built right in.

Begin also automatically services your app's entire CI and deployment pipeline, so you can focus on your product and your customers – not on infra, tooling, or scaling.

Also unique to Begin is the ability to easily eject your app and run it yourself. Just say no to lock-in.

Why build with Begin?

If you value building maintainable, durable, lock-in free apps that are fast as hell, Begin is the right place for you.

Begin enables you to take full advantage of AWS's next-gen cloud infra without the hassle and setup, baking in best practices and key opinions on architecture derived from our team's years of trial, error, and discovery in building cloud function-based software.

Think: serverless stack on super-easy mode.

Some key properties of apps built with Begin:

  • Super fast CI, instantaneous deployment: go from commit to green build to running code in seconds. This is not an exaggeration.
  • Nearly infinitely scalable: native AWS Lambda-based compute, SSD-backed databases, and static asset delivery via CDN means never having to pre-provision infra or spend time on capacity planning. Just add code.
  • Highly debuggable: per-route isolation reduces the time required to find problems and ship fixes, increasing time spent on delivering value to your customers.
  • Staging isolation: baked-in fully isolated staging environment is automatically set up right alongside production. Say goodbye to pushing bad builds.
  • Cost-effective: pay for increased isolation and for the resources you actually use – not for what you think you may need

Who we are

We founded Begin in 2015 with the goal of building an advanced chat-based tasking product, which we built on a then-brand-new architecture being colloquially referred to as "serverless".

That product didn't work out, but we did discover an entirely new way of building applications utilizing next-gen cloud infra, and the serverless tooling we developed in service of that discovery led us to creating Begin: a cloud function-based platform as a service.

What we believe

We believe serverless cloud infra services represent a generational shift in how software is built, finally breaking the bond between runtime and infrastructure.

The result is a leapfrog in architectural simplicity and authortime efficiency, enabling the next generation of software to be built faster and with more resilience than ever before.

By not needing knowledge or expertise in ops and scaling infra to have full access to affordable, world class, globally scalable cloud hosting services, one of the most significant, oldest barriers to entry in building software is effectively eliminated.

Our business model

We believe it's important for our customers to have a clear understanding of our business model.

We're committed to the cause of democratizing building software. Insofar as cloud platforms make it feasible for us to do so, we will always offer folks access to building apps for free. Anyone on the internet should be able to build an app in seconds, regardless of their financial status.

Current and future paid tiers of service will offer resource isolation, increased concurrency and capacity, and service redundancy, in addition to service and support, and features like provisioning to owned cloud accounts (among other things).

We do not and will not ever sell, rent, trade, or otherwise transact customer data on our platform – or that of your customers, or their customers, and so on.