Working locally


Begin's open core, Architect kicks up a local server that emulates key serverless services (such as Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, etc.) supporting full offline, local workflows.

Those workflows enable you to locally:

  • Preview - code runs locally and can be opened in a web browser, curl, etc.
  • Test - code runs headlessly in a terminal

This guide is an expanded reference to much of what we covered in the quickstart if you'd like to skip ahead.

Getting set up

Get started working locally on your app in five easy steps:

  1. Clone your app's repo to your local machine:

    git clone{your GH username}/begin-functions-app.git
  2. cd to your Begin project directory:

    cd begin-functions-app
  3. Install NPM packages:

    npm install
  4. Hydrate your app's dependencies:

    npx hydrate
  5. Start the app locally:

    npm start

That's it, you're up and running locally!

Adding Nodemon

Nodemon works well with Begin. To use it, simply install it to your project's root as a devdep, and update the start script in your package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "nodemon --watch src/ -e js,json --exec NODE_ENV=testing ARC_LOCAL=1 npx sandbox",

Working with routes

The Begin web UI is (currently) responsible for creating new routes. (A command line interface is in the works, though!)

To create new HTML, JSON, XML, JS, CSS, and text routes, open Begin, click the Add new route buttons in the left nav, and follow the prompt

New routes will be automatically committed to your project; run git pull && npx hydrate to continue working locally with your new routes.

✨ Tip: npx hydrate is a helpful Begin tool to learn; it traverses your routes (src/(css|html|js|json|text|xml)/*) and shared (src/shared), finds any package.json files, and (re)installs your modules.

Writing tests

Begin apps come provisioned with tape and some boilerplate tests in the test directory.

  "scripts": {
    "test": "NODE_ENV=testing tape test/*-test.js | tap-spec"

While you can use any test runner and reporter combo you want, the TAP family is strongly recommended; test suites that require test runners to inject globals create difficult-to-debug situations.

⚠️ Begin requires NODE_ENV=testing to be present in your npm test scripts, regardless of the test framework you're using.

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