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Open Settings in Begin to view and modify your app's settings and resources, and eject or delete your app.

App name

Your configured app name is displayed here.


Begin can fire notifications to the Slack channel of your choosing, notifying members of new builds.

Click the Add to Slack button to set up your integration.

AWS resources inventory

Sometimes folks are curious about all the various services Begin provisions under the hood.

The AWS resources inventory details the serverless infra your app is using (including staging and production links, where available).

Deleting your app

In the event you want to start over or, sadly, just pack it in, Begin allows you to destroy your app (and all related infra) with the Delete app button.

Note: this is an irreversible action, but Begin does not touch your git repo. If you wish to destroy that as well, please delete your repo from GitHub.

Ejecting your app

If you're digging this whole serverless thing but want to run everything under your own AWS account, no worries, we've got you covered.

Just follow the following steps:

  1. Download any application data, settings, env vars, etc. stored in Begin that you may need.

  2. Clone your Begin app

git clone{your GH username}/{your app name}.git
  1. Open the .arc file, and add a @app namespace (<25 chars) to the top; for example, add lines 1-2:

get /
  1. Update your package.json and package-lock.json as appropriate

  2. If you haven't already, make sure to go set up your AWS credentials and env vars (as necessary).

  3. Run npx create

That should get you going! Of course, you'll probably want to keep going by adding a domain, setting up a database, and more.

To learn more about expanding and configuring your exported Architect project.